Norwalk Havoc Robot League

50 is hosting robot battles in our custom robot fighting arena / broadcast studio. The goal is to host a single day combat robot events on a monthly basis. Our next event will be 3lb only tournament but plans are in the works to support 1lb, 3lb, 6lb, and 12lb sportsman classes.

Spring Terror - March 9th 2019 is hosting the next match of the Norwalk Havoc Robot League.

3lb Robot fighting
50 Day Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 (Directions)

March 9th 2019

Doors Open for robotic competitors and their teams
All competing robots and teams must be present
Doors open for spectators, Twitch and youtube streams start
First robot fights begin
Last fight of the day + winners ceremony
Drinks / Dinner offsite (Location TBD)
1st Place - The 50Day Golden Dumpster! + $1000 Cash
2nd Place - Electronics you might want!
3rd place - Your choice of outdated electronics to keep or destroy
Arena Info
8x6 Double Wall Polycarbonate /w Plywood Floor
1 Moving hazard, Brett the Brick (Slow moving 20lb cinderblock)
Competitor Pits
Folding tables /w 120v Power
Access to a full machine shop and spares provided on an as needed basis. Additional spare parts may be available for purchase
Sign up to compete
Sign up now! Click Here (Limited to 32 Robots)
Be a spectator
Come watch the fights in real time. Seating and light refreshments will be provided, space available on a first come first serve basis
Bring an SD card to get a highres video of whatever fights you want before you leave the event.

50 House Rules

Rules at 50 Day are similar to NERC with a few slight changes. Judges reserve the right to grant exceptions to any rule. Our goal is to provide fun, exciting fights and a fair playing field

Individual Fight Rules

3 minutes, or when any competitor taps out or a robot is knocked out. The 3 minutes could be extended due to an "encore"
If both robots are still fighting with 15 seconds remaining and the audience chants "Encore!" The fight is extended one minute. Fights can only have one encore.
In the event there is no knock out or tap out, the judges will choose winner. Judges will choose based on which robot was a stronger agressor. All judges decisions are final.
Knock Out
If the robot is unable to show motion after 10 seconds it is considered disabled and knocked out
Judges reserve the right to stop any match in the event of fire.
Judges reserve the right KO or Disqualify any bot or team for unsportmanship like conduct

3lb Robot Qualifications

3lbs in fight ready configuration.
Any camera or video weight can be exluded.
Weight bonus of 2lbs for robots that do not use wheels for motion
Weight bonus of 1lb for multibots
All robots must pass a radio failsafe test.
Starting the the transmitter on the robot must demonstrate all weapons and motion stops when the transmitter is turned off
All robots must have at least one active "Weapon."
(No wedge only bots)
Weapon safety
Sharp and spinning weapons should be covered and held in place at all times outside of combat or testing in designated areas.
All weapons must reach a safe speed within 60 seconds of transmitter failsafe.
Prohibited Weapons
-Projectiles over 150mph
-Liquid of any kind
-Weapons which purposefully disrupt radio signals
-Strobe lights
Voltage limits
60V Maximum operating voltage
Size limits
Robots must be able to fit in a 30"x30"x24" Box
Permitted and encouraged. 2 Robot drivers max per team
(Multibots are 2 or more robots that fight as one)
A multibot is considered KO if more than 60% of its weight is unable to show motion.
Team Size
4 People max
Currently open: Click here to sign up
Email Or text (203) 826-8305

Signups for 3/9/19 are Open!

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