12lb Sportsman Weight Class


12 Lb Sportsman class robots are bots the focus heavily on speed, and design, and drivability. No exposed spinning weapon is allowed. The fights tend to focus on driving skill and the ability to operate robot showing aggression.


  • All robots must have a weapon lock that prevents any weapons from moving outside of the cage.
  • All robots must have a way to turn off power without disassembling the robot.
  • All robots must pass a radio fail safe test.

Physical Rules


  • 12lbs in a fight ready condition. All robots will be weighed prior to their first match.
  • Any camera of video equipment weight can be excluded should you have a camera mounted to the robot
  • There is a 6lb weight bonus for robots that do not use wheels or tracks for motion
    • For a multibot, only the heaviest bot is required not to have wheels to qualify for this weight bonus.
  • There is a 2lb bonus for competitors made up for more than 1 robot.
    • The robot will be considered disabled when 51% or more of the total weight of the bot is no longer moving.
    • The maximum weight of any one bot is 110% the weight class limit (for 12lbs this is 13.2lbs.)
      • If that bot happened to not use wheels or tracks it it's maximum weight would be 18lbs (12+6lbs)
  • The weight bonuses may be combined for a maximum weight bonus of 6lbs (assuming a wheel-less multibot)


  • Robots must be able to fit in a 30"x30"x24" Box in a fight ready condition. The robots may expand or contract during the match


  • Robots must use electrical systems that operate at less than 60 volts.


  • Robots in the sportsman class are NOT required to have an active weapon
  • Weapons which use fire or heat must be able to self light, and self extinguish. See Safety for more information on flame-based weapons.
  • The following weapon types are prohibited
    • Spinning Weapons
    • Nets
    • Projectiles over 150mph
    • Liquids of any kind
    • Weapons which purposefully disrupt radio signals
    • Strobe Lights
    • Lasers

Team Size

  • 4 People Max