2020 Finals

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The 2020 NHRL Finals will be held on Saturday December 12th 2020 with the first matches beginning at 11:30 AM EST. Competitors in the finals must have finished in the top four from any of the earlier events help in 2020. These competitors are specifically invited to compete for one final time in 2020 with the winner of the event receiving 10,000 dollars in prize money.

2020 Finals Details

NHRL 2020 Finals Live Stream

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Final Bracket

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Finals Competitors

Jan 18th

July 18th

July 19th

September 19th

November 21st



We will be taking social distancing precautions during this event. Only competitors will be allowed. Only those fighting should be near the arena. This will be our 4th event during covid and we are hoping to keep a spotless record.

  • You must wear a mask
  • Get tested before you come if you can
  • Follow the CT Travel Guidelines
  • There will be no spectators at this event.