2021 Finals

NHRL Finals 2021 Badge

The finals for the Norwalk 2021 season will be held on December 18th. This is going to be the 7th event in our 2021 season and consists of entirely invite only brackets. Competitors are invited to the finals throughout the 2021 season as they finish in the top four during any event held in 2021. During the finals we will be fighting all full combat weight classes and will be giving out a total of $50,000 dollars in cash prizes! These robots have proven their abilities during the regular season and we are looking to see how each robot will fair when put up against their most challenging competitors yet.

We here at NHRL are constantly monitoring all state and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19, and will update this page if any new guidelines or special precautions are required. For more information on our COVID-19 considerations please see "COVID Regulations" below.

Where: 165 Water St, Norwalk, CT 06854

When: December 18th 2021

  • Doors open for competitors at 8:00 AM
  • Doors open for spectators at 10:00 AM

The list of qualified robots in each weight class is constantly being updated at the end of this page.


Spectators are allowed! We plan on opening our doors to spectators at 10:00 AM. A spectator pass can be purchased for $10.00, giving all day access for spectators over the age of 4. Robot combat is a dangerous sport, there will be weapons and dangerous things around. We may ask you to sign a release prior to entering the facility. Some of the benefits we are exited to offer our spectators can be seen below.

  • Food trucks on site.
  • Onsite concessions.
  • A collectible badge that allows for all day re-entry.
  • A staff guided tour of the pits.
  • Time to hang out with the competitors post fight.

Want to Help?

We are currently looking for more crew! If you are interested in helping out at NHRL please follow the links below to sign up in our volunteer list or for more information about crew roles.


During the December finals we will be fighting the following weight classes. While all of the competitors for this event have already competed here at NHRL the links below will provide more information on the rules associated with each weight class.

As safety is our number one priority we want to remind all of our competitors to refresh themselves on the rules here at NHRL before they come to our event!

Event Format

Our December 18th finals will be a one day event. During this day we will be fighting full brackets for the 3lb, 12lb, and 30lb weight classes. For this reason we will be strictly enforcing our 20 minute requirement for time between fights.

Social Media

We have recently expanded our social media presence and invite you to follow us on all of the following platforms!

  • This event will be streamed live on our Youtube channel, and the live stream and fight videos will be posted there after the event.
  • Join our discord server to interact with our community of bot builders!
  • Our new Instagram account
  • Our new TikTok account
  • Our new Twitter account

Upon Arrival

  • Check in with the event staff to get your badge and ensure they know you are here.
  • Setup at your pit. All pits are first come, first serve.
  • Pass Safety. During the safety check we will be testing your weapon lock, validating bot functionality, and verifying your radio failsafe.
  • Take your bot's photo at the provided station. Once your photo is taken please upload it to your bot page!
  • Join the discord for day of event updates!
  • Double check the rules!
    • Do not forget that your robot must be ready to fight after a MINIMUM of 20 minutes
    • NHRL includes an optional audience-triggered Encore that can add 30 seconds to the fight.
  • If you have time please create or update the wiki page for your bot.

COVID Regulations

We will be following the latest guidance from the state of CT. Currently the city of Norwalk has reinstated a mask mandate for all vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals when indoors. While CT currently has one of the highest vaccination rates and lowest COVID rates in the country they are taking precautions given the Delta Variant.

  • If possible, get vaccinated. It's just a good idea in general.
Brett the Block as pixel art

Bot Photos

During the normal season events many of our competitors will know that we ask everyone to take a photo of their bot at our photo booth to be displayed on the stream next to their bots name. However, for the finals we have commissioned pixel art to be made of every bot that has won their place in the finals for the 2021 season. Check out this amazing example of the art style that we have chosen for everyone's bot icons!


Weight Class Finals Winner Finals Runner Up
3lb $10,000 USD $4,000 USD
12lb $12,000 USD $4,000 USD
30lb $15,000 USD $5,000 USD

First-place in 3lb, 12lb, and 30lb at each event also gets a custom finals trophy

Qualified Robots

The following robots have qualified for the finals in 2021. Qualifying means finishing in the final 4 for your weight class in any of the 6 regular season events. In the event of a tie or a duplicate both bots will be admitted. You cannot qualify more than once.

3lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class
Shreddit Bro February 6th 3lb
Voxel February 6th 3lb
Starchild February 6th 3lb
Mouser February 6th 3lb
Polywog March 20th 3lb
Vespula March 20th 3lb
Malice March 20th 3lb
Jack Move (tie) March 20th 3lb
Silk (tie) March 20th 3lb
Silent Spring May 15th 3lb
Narsil May 15th 3lb
Eruption May 15th 3lb
Silent X (tie) May 15th 3lb
Tothik (tie) May 15th 3lb
Billy July 24th 3lb
Jack Rabbit July 24th 3lb
SawMurai July 24th 3lb
Blackbird July 24th 3lb
Project LiftOff September 18 3lb
Judge's Dream September 18 3lb
Dark Princess September 18 3lb
Caldera September 18 3lb
Red Hawk September 18 3lb

12lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class
Kitten Mittens February 6th 12lb
Grudge Frog February 6th 12lb
Drunken Peasant February 6th 12lb
Demogorgon February 6th 12lb
Caulk / Waterproof Sealant March 20th 12lb
Pramheda March 20th 12lb
Fasttrack March 20th 12lb
AC/RC (tie) March 20th 12lb
Ankle Grinder (tie) March 20th 12lb
Disko May 15th 12lb
Ugee May 15th 12lb
Hot Leaf Juice May 15th 12lb
Sunset (tie) May 15th 12lb
Hellfire (tie) May 15th 12lb
Bobby July 24th 12lb
Son of Kram July 24th 12lb
Cannibal Mini July 24th 12lb
Night Crawler (tie) July 24th 12lb
Kemonote (tie) July 24th 12lb
Busy Bee September 18 12lb
Milk Tank September 18 12lb
Bone Crusher September 18 12lb
Raptor X-22 September 18 12lb
Whittle By Whittle September 18 12lb

30lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class
MegatRON February 6th 30lb
The Other Robot February 6th 30lb
Asa Not Thwacker February 6th 30lb
RumHam XXX February 6th 30lb
Stop Hitting Yourself March 20th 30lb
Litter Box March 20th 30lb
Phenomenon March 20th 30lb
Option 14 March 20th 30lb
Other Disko May 15th 30lb
This Robot Is Not Overhaul May 15th 30lb
Plyohazard May 15th 30lb
Knockout (tie) May 15th 30lb
Marathon (tie) May 15th 30lb
Yahoo July 24th 30lb
IRE July 24th 30lb
Warlock July 24th 30lb
Twister July 24th 30lb
Emulsifier September 18 30lb
Dragon Princess September 18 30lb
Nautilus September 18 30lb
City Bot September 18 30lb