2021 Finals


The finals will be held on December 18th.

More information will be posted here as we get closer to the event.

Qualified Robots

The following robots have qualified for the finals in 2021

3lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class
Shreddit Bro February 6th 3lb
Voxel February 6th 3lb
Starchild February 6th 3lb
Mouser February 6th 3lb
Polywog March 20th 3lb
Vespula March 20th 3lb
Malice March 20th 3lb
Jack Move (tie) March 20th 3lb
Silk (tie) March 20th 3lb
Silent Spring May 15th 3lb
Narsil May 15th 3lb
Eruption May 15th 3lb
Silent X (tie) May 15th 3lb
Tothik (tie) May 15th 3lb
Billy July 24th 3lb
Jack Rabbit July 24th 3lb
SawMurai July 24th 3lb
Blackbird July 24th 3lb

12lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class
Kitten Mittens February 6th 12lb
Grudge Frog February 6th 12lb
Drunken Peasant February 6th 12lb
Demogorgon February 6th 12lb
Caulk / Waterproof Sealant March 20th 12lb
Pramheda March 20th 12lb
Fasttrack March 20th 12lb
AC/RC (tie) March 20th 12lb
Ankle Grinder (tie) March 20th 12lb
Disko May 15th 12lb
Ugee May 15th 12lb
Hot Leaf Juice May 15th 12lb
Sunset (tie) May 15th 12lb
Hellfire (tie) May 15th 12lb
Bobby July 24th 12lb
Son of Kram July 24th 12lb
Cannibal Mini July 24th 12lb
Night Crawler (tie) July 24th 12lb
Kemonote (tie) July 24th 12lb

30lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class
MegatRON February 6th 30lb
The Other Robot February 6th 30lb
Asa Not Thwacker February 6th 30lb
RumHam XXX February 6th 30lb
Stop Hitting Yourself March 20th 30lb
Litter Box March 20th 30lb
Phenomenon March 20th 30lb
Option 14 March 20th 30lb
Other Disko May 15th 30lb
This Robot Is Not Overhaul May 15th 30lb
Plyohazard May 15th 30lb
Knockout (tie) May 15th 30lb
Marathon (tie) May 15th 30lb
Yahoo July 24th 30lb
IRE July 24th 30lb
Warlock July 24th 30lb
Twister July 24th 30lb