30lb Weight Class

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30lb full combat robots are heaviest class we currently fight at NHRL.


  • All robots must have a weapon lock that prevents any weapons from moving outside of the cage.
  • All robots must have a way to turn off power without disassembling the robot.
  • All robots must pass a radio fail safe test.

Physical Rules


  • 30lbs in a fight ready condition. All robots will be weighed prior to their first match.
  • Weight of cameras or video-recording equipment does not count towards the weight limit.
  • There is a 12lb weight bonus for robots that do not use wheels or tracks for motion
    • For a multibot, only the heaviest bot is required not to have wheels to qualify for this weight bonus.
  • There is a 8lb bonus for competitors made up for more than 1 robot.
    • The robot will be considered disabled when 51% or more of the total weight of the bot is no longer moving.
    • The heaviest robot in any multi-bot setup must have an active weapon
    • The maximum weight of any one bot is 110% the weight class limit (for 30lb this is 33lbs.)
      • If that bot happened to not use wheels or tracks for motion its max weight would be 42lbs, leaving 8lbs for other multibots.
  • The weight bonuses may be combined for a maximum total weight of 50lbs (assuming a wheel-less multibot).


  • Robots must be able to fit in a 36"x36"x36" Box in a fight ready condition. The robots may expand or contract during the match.
    Metal hot glue
    If it's worth doing. It's worth over doing


  • Robots must use electrical systems that operate at less than 72 volts.


  • Robots must include at least one active weapon
  • Weapons which use fire or heat must be able to self light, and self extinguish. See Safety for more information on flame-based weapons.
  • The following weapon types are prohibited
    • Nets
    • Projectiles over 150mph
    • Liquids of any kind
    • Weapons which purposefully disrupt radio signals
    • Strobe Lights
    • Lasers

Team Size

  • 4 People Max

Example Bots

You can learn a ton more by studying past and present competitors at NHRL. Below is the 30lb bot category with information on individual bots.

All 30lb Bots