Brett the Brick


Brett the Brick is a 60lb house robot at NHRL. He is made of steel and driven by 2 powered skateboard trucks. He uses 4 VESC Motor controllers. Brett also houses an HD Camera where he serves as an in-ring camera person. Brett is powered by a 20,000 MaH Lipo at 6s.

Robot Facts

Brett has appeared in different forms throughout NHRL history. Original versions of Brett simply used a a cinder block. It turns out 3lb bots can destroy a cinder block. For 2020 it was decided to upgrade Brett to a steel brick that would be easier to service and have more space for batteries. Brett can run for 16+ hours on his batteries, while transmitting video. Brett also has controllable LEDs that allow the colors of his eyes and face to change.

Driver usually Sasloe
Weight Class One of a kind
Body Material Steel
Weapon Mass, lots of it
Weapon Drive 4x 180kv Skateboard Wheels
Drive 4x 180kv Skateboard Wheels
Power 6S 20,000 Mah LiPo

Brett's power switch legend

Brett's Power Switch

Brett is equipped with a large red power switch originally designed as a marine battery disconnect. Rumor has it that if any robot is able to shut down Brett during a match they would win the NHRL tournament for the weight class they have entered. While winning the weight class is possible, it is a certainty that any robot that can switch off Brett by switching his power switch will win $1000.00 and the match they are fighting in.

Brett was successfully deactivated for the first time during the march 15th 2021 match of NHRL. This occurred when a robot was hit into Brett. Considering the circumstances the driver opted to take the $1000 but forfeit their win in the name of sportsmanship.

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