Gold Rush


Robot Facts

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Driver Unknown
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Weapon Drive Unknown
Drive Unknown
Power Unknown



Year Rank Events Fights W L % KOs KO'd Avg Time (s) KOs/F KO'd/F
2018-19 -
2020 -
2021 -


Date Reached Place Fights W L KOs KO'd


Opponent Fights W L KOs KO'd Last Meeting

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Full Fight History

Date Opponent Round Result By Fight Length (s) Video
7/24/2021 Wumbology Winners 1 Win* Forfeit*
7/24/2021 Underbit3 Winners 2 Loss* Forfeit*
7/24/2021 Criminal Intent Losers 2 Win* Forfeit*
7/24/2021 Mini Ironclad Losers 3 Loss* Forfeit*
9/18/2021 War? Hard! Winners 2 Loss* Forfeit*
9/18/2021 The Greatest Danger Losers 2 Win* Forfeit*
9/18/2021 Nautiloid Losers 3 Loss* Forfeit*

* Forfeits are not counted in a bot's W-L record.

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