Non-wheeled bots


What counts as a non wheeled bot?

Choosing where to draw the line between a wheeled and non wheeled bot is always a gray area. If you are looking to build something in this space, think about the spirit of the rules. The goal is promote non-wheeled locomotion. The further you are from wheeled locomotion the more you are embracing the spirit of the weight bonus. Safety will evaluate each bot at the time of checkin. Our bias is always to fight robots vs DQ them for being outside the rules. If you are worried your design is cutting it too close, change your design so you feel confident you are building a non-wheeled robot.

Examples of non wheeled locomotion

  • Using a walking mechanism
  • Using reaction wheels to cause your bot to slide across the arena
  • Using vibration and feet
  • Flying
  • A hovercraft using air push it around
  • Robots where the whole robot rolls like Shreking Ball

Examples of wheeled locomotion

  • Robots with giant wheels like Starchild
  • Robots with giant wheel like wheels like Wumbo
  • Robots that use "wheels" with more than 4 sides
  • Any robot which uses tracks for traction

The Grey Area

  • Technically squares which rotate (Square Wheels) are not wheels according to NHRL. The more you make them look and act like wheels. The more they are wheels. Please think about the spirit of the rules.