Option 14

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Option 14 is a 30lb full combat robot designed and built by students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Robot Facts

Driver Random Student 1
Weight Class 30lb
Body Material Steel, Titanium
Weapon Interchange Drum and Eggbeater
Weapon Drive 3000w Turnigy Brushless Motor
Drive 3000w Turnigy Brushless Motor and Custom-Built Gearboxes
Power 5200mAh 6S LiPo

Option 14 was designed and built by a team of students at Missouri S&T. Founded in fall of 2018, The March 2021 Norwalk event will be the first time the team has ever competed, due to a cancelled 2020 season. Option 14 features a robust steel frame with externally mounted steel and titanium armor, selected for each opponent. The drive system is powered by a pair of Turnigy brushless driven custom-built gearboxes, fitted with off-road RC tires sized for inverted driving to eliminate effects of being flipped. Up front, a full width vertical weapon can be swapped between drum and eggbeater. A choice left to be decided on the other robot in the box. Spinning at a whopping 10,000 rpm, the weapon creates terrifying sound, and enough wind to knock over cameras. Option 14, because the other 13 name choices weren't good enough.



Year Rank Events Fights W L % KOs KO'd Avg Time (s) KOs/F KO'd/F
2018-19 -
2020 -
2021 15 1 3 1 2 .333 1 2 - 33% 67%
All-Time 15 1 3 1 2 .333 1 2 35.7 33% 67%


Date Reached Place Fights W L KOs KO'd
3/20/2021 Losers 4 3 1 2 1 2


Opponent Fights W L KOs KO'd Last Meeting
Litter Box 2 0 2 0 2 3/20/2021
Aggressive Hugging 1 1 0 1 0 3/20/2021

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Full Fight History

Date Opponent Round Result By Fight Length (s) Video
3/20/2021 Litter Box Winners 2 Loss KO 13 https://youtu.be/7GoVRZwLnh8
3/20/2021 Keso Losers 2 Win* Forfeit*
3/20/2021 Aggressive Hugging Losers 3 Win KO 48 https://youtu.be/ERqdoAIdIno
3/20/2021 Litter Box Losers 4 Loss KO 46 https://youtu.be/uyrMrosi0sI

* Forfeits are not counted in a bot's W-L record.

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