Outdoor Pits During November 2020 NHRL

Every competing team is provided with pit space at NHRL. This gives you room to charge batteries, repair your robot, make last minute changes, etc. Pit locations are first come, first serve. Typically space is provided to pit outside as well as inside depending on your preference. Competitors also get access to the full machine shop and any equipment we have on hand. The pit environment can be a little chaotic at times but is always friendly and cooperative. Bot builders help each other when they can to so that everyone is ready to fight. For many competitors, time spent hanging out in the pits is as fun as competing.

What is included

  • 6ft Folding table
  • Power strip with 6 outlets
  • At least one folding chair
  • Access to the machine shop
  • High quality wifi

What should I bring

  • A good attitude
  • Battery Charger
  • Spare parts
  • Anything you need to repair your bot. Also doesn't hurt to bring parts to help others.

Test Boxes

Everyone in the pits has access to multiple test boxes for their weight class. These boxes are 3x3 and 6x6 in size with wooden floors and walls. They give you space to spin up your weapon safely and test the functions of your bots. Only one bot at a time in the test box. The boxes are not designed to be attacked by your bot, simply to serve as a safe place to test it.