Shreddit Bro


Shreddit Bro is a two-wheeled vertical beater bar 3lb robot from the New York City based team Shreddit.

Robot Facts

Shreddit Bro
Driver Evan Arias
Team Shreddit
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material UHMW frame and wheel guards, interchangeable top and bottom plates (Al, Ti, Polycarb), Ti forks and low wedge
Weapon Vertical Beater Bar
Weapon Drive Fingertech 2838 brushless inrunner
Drive Botkits 22mm planetary DC gearmotors
Power 4s LiPo

Shreddit Bro has been competing in the northeast US area since summer 2019, with regular appearances at NHRL, as well as appearances at MassDestruction, SWORD and Motorama.

The established signature blue and white color scheme, and the aggressive and successful performance record have given Shreddit Bro the nickname of “The Blue Beater”.

Shreddit Bro weapon is based on the popular Fingertech Robotics beater bar weapon kit, with a few modifications to the stock pulley assembly and the re-anodized blue color. The stock weapon ESC has also been replaced with a more powerful one.

Shreddit Bro drive is a successful marriage of the very popular Botkits 22mm planetary DC gearmotors and the Banebots compliant thermoplastic wheels. When combined with the 4s LiPo battery, this configuration gives the robot its impressive speed during “box rushes” and quick maneuvers during matches. In some configurations, Fingertech foam wheels are used instead for weight balancing.

Shreddit Bro frame is constructed using slot-and-tab 3/8” thick UHMW panels, which are then also secured to each-other with machine screws. The team found it best to run the machine screws directly into undersized holes, which compress the UHMW as threads are formed and results in very rigid connections. Currently the UHMW frames are cut out by the team using paper templates and a small tabletop bandsaw, with the drilling done on a small tabletop drill press.

The top and bottom panels are interchangeable and are selected prior to each match based on expected damage by the opponent - choices are 1.5mm aluminum, 1 and 2mm titanium, 3mm garolite and 1/8” polycarbonate.

The removable 1/8” UHMW wheel guards are heat bent on a fabricated form, resulting in repeatable and quick manufacturing of replacements.

Shreddit Bro typical configuration includes 2 titanium forks, one on each side of the beater bar. Aside from helping feed the opponent’s lower edge into the weapon, the forks also cover the entire height of the sides to help protect the frame from horizontal spinner hits. An alternate configuration features a small low wedge which spans the forks and helps to feed opponent horizontal under-cutter attacks into the weapon.

Tournament Results


NHRL February 6 Wins - 1 Loss
NHRL March 2 Wins - 2 Losses


NHRL January 5 Wins - 2 Losses
NHRL July-1 8 Wins - 1 Loss
NHRL July-2 6 Wins - 1 Loss
NHRL September 1 Wins - 2 Losses
NHRL November 8 Wins - 2 Losses
NHRL 2020 Finals 5 Wins - 2 Losses

Combat History

  • Tied for Fifth Place - NHRL January 2020
  • First Place - NHRL July-1 2020
  • First Place - NHRL July-2 2020
  • Second Place - NHRL November 2020
  • Fourth Place - NHRL December Finals 2020
  • First Place - NHRL February 2021


  • First Place - MassDestruction Nov. 19th 2019
  • Tenth Place - SWORD Fall 2019