Silent X


Silent X(perimental) is a testbed for the modular beetleweight (3 lbs), Silent Spring (SS). Its purpose is to try new components, use new materials, and try differently shaped structures without fear of tarnishing Silent Spring's record. While it may appear the same as SS from a high-level, expect some very different hardware when you take a closer look.

Robot Facts

Silent X
Driver Jamison Go
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material Unknown
Weapon Modular
Weapon Drive Unknown
Drive Unknown
Power Over 9000

Tournament Results


NHRL January Did Not Compete
NHRL July-1 4 Wins - 1 Losses
NHRL July-2 Did Not Compete
NHRL September Did Not Compete
NHRL November 2 Wins - 2 Losses


NHRL January 6 Wins - 2 Losses
NHRL March

Combat History

  • Second Place - NHRL July-1 2020
  • Tied for Ninth - NHRL November 2020