Here, have some statistics!

This is a history of Norwalk Havoc from the first competition in December 2018, to the present day.

3lb 12lb 12lb Sportsman 30lb
All-Time Statistics All-Time Statistics All-Time Statistics All-Time Statistics
2021 Stats 2021 Stats 2021 Stats 2021 Stats
2020 Stats N/A N/A N/A
2018-19 Stats N/A 2018-19 Stats N/A
Event Winners Event Winners Event Winners Event Winners
Top 3 Finishes by Bot Top 3 Finishes by Bot Top 3 Finishes by Bot Top 3 Finishes by Bot
Fastest KOs Fastest KOs Fastest KOs Fastest KOs


Who maintains these statistics? Gil does; he does sound at NHRL events. You can talk to him via Discord, at gilhova#9228.

How was the data for this project assembled? This project's data came from NHRL's Challonge brackets, and from obsessively watching YouTube footage of each match to get the match time and result. Note that this data is still incomplete; some of the knockout data still isn't where we need it to be. Please reach out to Gil if you have any clarifications or corrections!

Are the rankings official and serious? Kinda? They're meant to give a sense of each bot's history in a single number. But they're not meant to be authoritative judgments. There are really fantastic, ambitious, and entertaining bots with both high and low rankings.

How are rankings calculated? Rankings are based on points. Each bot gets 1 point for winning a match and loses 1 point for losing a match. Additionally...

• If a bot with a higher winning percentage loses to a bot with a lower winning percentage, then the winning bot gets bonus points and the losing bot loses penalty points (exact value is the difference between the two bots' winning percentages, times 2.5). Winning percentages for this formula are weighted with 5 extra wins and 5 extra losses, so new bots are not unfairly rewarded or penalized. The effect of this is that a bot that upsets a significantly better bot would get about 2 points, whereas the losing, favorite bot would lose about 2 points.

• A bot that has fought fewer than 10 matches is charged 10 "rookie" points. This means that a new bot that has never fought before starts at -10 points. For every match it fights, it loses a rookie point; so a bot that has fought 5 matches is only charged 5 rookie points. This means that new bots will start at the bottom of the table, and older bots with records at or below .500 will be at the middle of the table.

Are forfeits counted? No, forfeits are not counted in any of the statistics shown here.

How are tap-outs handled? They're counted as knockouts.