NQD (Not Quite Done)


Not Quite Done (NQD) was a 3 lbs vertical spinner. It was the ideal opponent since it provided numerous vertical and horizontal edges to attack. May it rest in peace.

This page was created by copying "Shreking Ball". More updates coming.

Not Quite Done (NQD)

We wanted to create a "different" kind of vertical spinner. The initial concept was for a two wheel wedge bot with a spinner that would work if/when inverted. The initial design did not use a double set of wheels, however, the single set of wheels far in the back (had the wheels to far from the center of mass) and the bot had little traction for driving.

Robot Facts

The first appearance was at the Spetember 2020 NHRL event.

Driver Jim Kazmer
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material HDPE (CNC) + Nylon (3D printed) gears
Weapon Vertical Spinner, 200 grams
Weapon Drive 1 x FliteTest 2218 Brushless Motor, belt driven
Drive 2 x FliteTest 2218 Brushless Motor, Nylon 3D printed gears
Power 4S 650mah LiPo

To be added to this page...

  • Add CAD images of initial and final design
  • Add CAD files for 3D printed gears
  • Add 3D STL files for gears

Tournament Results


NHRL January Did Not Compete
NHRL July 1 Did Not Compete
NHRL July 2 Did Not Compete
NHRL September 0 Wins - 2 Losses
NHRL November 0 Wins - 2 Losses