Traveling to Norwalk

Norwalk, CT as Rendered by Google Earth. Click to see relevant locations.

Norwalk is actually more accessible than you may think! There is also more to do in Norwalk than just fighting robots.

Wikitravel is a great place to get started. Their page on Norwalk has lots of activities.

Help for Bot Builders

We are always looking for ways to make it easier to compete.

  • Folks wishing to come Friday before the event are welcome to use our facilities all day, the team often stays late the night before while preparing for the event.
  • 50 Day is staffed M-F 10a-6p. If you want to mail your robot ahead of coming to the event that can be accommodated. We can be there to sign for it.

Getting to Norwalk, CT


Norwalk is pretty accessible by major highways. The closest exit to our location is Exit 15 off I-95. We are also accessible off Exit 40 from the Merritt Parkway. Route 7 Also terminates in norwalk and is a close drive. There is a good amount of parking available at and around our location.

Train / Mass Transit

NHRL is surprisingly accessible by train. If you are coming from the New York metro area you can take any New Haven Line train to the South Norwalk Station. From there its about a 0.5 mile walk. Also if you message any member of the crew in discord we are happy to pop over and pick you up. If you are taking the train from further away, the nearest Amtrak Acela stop is Stamford, CT. from there its a an easy transfer to the New Haven Line for a quick 10 minute ride to South Norwalk.

Note that if you are taking the train from South Norwalk back to New York, you must enter the station from the State Street entrance on the station's west side. You may want to give yourself a few extra minutes of walking time to account for this.


If you are looking to Fly to Norwalk typically the cheapest flights are headed into New York City. La Guardia (LGA) is the closest airport with a lot of flights. John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is not that much further away and has more flights. If you are lucky you might be able to find a flight into Westchester (HPN) which is substantially closer. Taking mass transit from any of these airports is rarely practical as typical travel times via mass transit are in the 2-3 hours range, with multiple changes required. Renting a car or an Uber/Lyft is likely your best bet. It can be anywhere from a 45 minute to 1 Hour 45 minute drive to Norwalk.

Getting your Robot to CT

We are willing to accept delivery of your robot ahead of your arrival. We get daily UPS/FedEx deliveries and have loading docks that can accept LTL shipments. Before shipping anything it is important to let Ryan Sasloe know its coming! If you are shipping a robot its best to ship it 50 Day street instead of 165 Water Street.

Suggested Robot Shipping Address:

NHRL c/o Ryan Sasloe
50 Day Street
Norwalk, CT 06854

Staying Overnight in Norwalk

Recommended Hotels

These hotels are nothing fancy but should provide you with a clean, relaxing stay before or after a long day of robot combat. You should be able to find accommodations for around $100 - $150 a night. In general if you stay places that are charging under $100 a night in CT you are going to have a bad time. It's worth the extra 20 bucks to stay somewhere nicer. Generally, Norwalk has pretty low crime and you can feel safe leaving robot stuff in your car.

Not Recommended - Don't stay here

The following hotels have poor reviews from bot builders. In general they may be the cheapest but they tend to not be very nice or clean.

  • Red Carpet Inn - Don't do it! Seriously! Sleep in your car first. Its not worth whatever savings they are offering
  • Norwalk Inn - Old, Busted, Unloved

Where to Eat in Norwalk

Norwalk is home to dozens of wonderful restaurants!

Quick Eats

If you need a quick bite to eat or take-out to bring back to NHRL, here are some good suggestions;

Nice Meals

Looking for a place to celebrate your win or enjoy a nice meal after a long day of bot fighting? You've come to the right place;

What Else is There to do in Norwalk

NHRL is located pretty close to Norwalk's central business district. The area is known as SONO It's about a 5 minute walk from where the event is.

  • The Sono Collection - A huge mall in walking distance.
  • US-1 Shopping Area - 5 minutes north of NHRL is the main shopping area for SONO. Every major retail store you can think of (Shop Rite, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.) can be found here.