Weapon lock


A weapon lock is anything that will keep your weapon from being dangerous when your robot is not in the ring. Weapon locks are required during loading and unloading into the ring or test boxes. Robots that don't use a weapon lock are a hazard to everyone at NHRL and are not allowed. Failure to follow rules will result in a verbal warning and a second failure will result in your robot being disqualified from the event for the day. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask the staff. Everyone is friendly and supportive, safety is just very important.

When must a weapon lock be used

  • During robot load-in to the ring or test box
  • Anytime your robot is powered up anywhere at NHRL

What works well as a Weapon Lock

  • A metal pin or plug that prevents any rotating weapon from spinning, ideally painted a bright color.
  • A plastic cover (pool noodles work well) over any sharp blade on your robot

What isn't great as a weapon lock

  • Using a tool such a vice grips is frowned upon as a weapon lock.
    • Weapon locks should be a dedicated item and not something that could be confused in any way.
  • Anything that can easily fall out or be dislodged
  • Your hand or any other part of your body