February 6th 2021

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NHRL Feb 6th 2021 Badge

The first event of the 2021 Season! Get excited! We will be fighting 4 weight classes in a new location and with new arena's. We are looking step our game up big time! Follow this page as we will add more content as we get closer to the event. We will be handing out a total of $4,200 dollars in cash prizes!

Sign Up

  • The brackets have been created and can be seen below.



The brackets have been posted and they are open for prediction!


New for 2021!

30lb arena under construction
  • 3 Cages with the ability to have multiple simultaneous fights
    • Existing 8x8 cage moved from 50 day
    • New! replica 8x8 cage
    • New! 16x16 cage for 30lb and 12lb full combat fights
  • Upgraded Brett the Brick
  • Introducing Fluffy - a 100+lb bot to keep the 30lbs in line
  • Greatly expanded pit area. Room for over 100 teams
  • 40+ Cameras at the event to capture all the action
  • New facility with 3 loading docks
  • Event staff lounge, and well as new control room
  • Massive space and bleachers for spectators (post COVID)

Finals Qualifiers

These bots finished in the top 4 for their weight class. They automatically get an invite to the 2021 Finals

  • 3lb Full Combat
  • 12lb Full Combat
    • Kitten Mittens
    • Grudge Frog
    • Druken Peasent
    • Demogorgon
  • 30lb Full Combat
    • Megatron
    • The Other Robot
    • Asa not Thwacker
    • Rum Ham XXX

Live Stream

NHRL 2021 Febuary Live Stream

Due to some technical glitches the video did not meet our standards from this even to be posted to our YouTube channel. If you want to watch the fights they are still available as an unlisted playlist.

February 2021 NHRL Fights Playlist


Upon Arrival

  • Check in with the event staff and get your badge and make sure they know you are here
  • Setup at your pit. All pits are first come first serve
  • Join the discord for day of event updates
  • Get your robot's photo taken
  • Wait for the bracket to be posted (Usually around 11a)
  • Double check the rules.
    • If your bot does well towards the end of the day you must be ready to fight after a minimum of 20 minutes
    • NHRL Includes an audience triggered Encore which can add 30 seconds to the fight. These usually only happen towards the back half of the day
  • If you have time. Create or update the wiki page for your bot. You can view the pages we in the 3lb Category.

Traveling to the event in the COVID era

CT Has has a travel restriction in place. Only a few neighboring states are allowed for completely unrestricted travel. If you are coming from a restricted state you can still come! In order to come you must follow the guidelines. They allow people to come if you follow any one of the following

  • Stay in the state for less than 24 hours
  • Test negative for COVID up to 72 hours in advance
    • We have found using the mail in test has been the most reliable way to get a timely result.
    • Tests are widely available and free in the state of CT
  • Quarantine in state for two weeks.

The full travel guidelines are posted here. CT Travel Guidelines

COVID Precautions at the event

We will be taking social distancing precautions during this event. Only competitors will be allowed. Only those fighting should be near the arena. This will be our 3rd event during covid and we have a spotless record so far. We aim to keep it that way.

  • You must wear a mask
  • In addition to masks we have face shields as well
  • Get tested before you come if you can
  • Follow the CT Travel Guidelines
  • Both socially distanced indoor pits and heated outdoor pit space will be available.
  • There will be no spectators allowed at this event.