May 15th 2021

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NHRL May 15th 2021 Badge

May 15th is the 3rd event in the NHRL 2021 season. We will be fighting all weight classes. Our hope is to allow spectators and concessions on site. We will be handing out a total of $4,200 dollars in cash prizes! Registration is free as always! We are hoping to be able to invite spectators. There will be a cost to spectate the event.

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The Brackets for this event will be posted the evening of May 8th 2021.

  • 3lb Bracket
  • 12lb Bracket
  • 12lb Sportsman
  • 30lb Bracket


Changes for the May Event

  • Visible match clocks in each cage for competitors
  • NHRL PrimeTime (Details coming soon)
  • Spectators in the stands!
  • Hopefully food trucks and concessions
  • Better match ordering
  • Lots of work to reduce competitor and staff stress
  • Merch! More details coming soon.
  • Dedicated space for competitors to sell merch!
  • Some pictures of our facility.
  • 3lb Cages.jpg
  • Wall of Competitors.jpg
  • Studio 3.jpg
  • NHRL Control Room (Best Shot).jpg
  • Studio 2.jpg


NHRL 2021 May Live Stream


Depending on the current state of re-opening, we expect to be able to offer spectators the chance to come watch the matches live. We will make a final call on spectators on May 8th. We plan to open our doors for spectators at 9:30 a.m. We plan to charge $10.00 for all day access for all spectators over the age of 2. Robot combat is dangerous and there will be weapons and dangerous things around. We will ask you sign a release prior to entering the space.

  • Food trucks in the parking lot.
  • On-site concessions
  • A collectible badge that allows for all-day re-entry
  • A staff-guided tour of the pits
  • Time to hang out with the competitors post-fight


Upon Arrival

  • Check in with the event staff and get your badge and make sure they know you are here
  • Setup at your pit. All pits are first come first serve
  • Pass Safety. We will check your weapon lock and verify your radio failsafe.
  • Get your bot's picture taken. We cannot start the event without a picture for every bot.
  • Join the discord for day of event updates
  • Double check the rules.
    • If your bot does well towards the end of the day, you must be ready to fight after a minimum of 20 minutes
    • NHRL includes an audience-triggered Encore that can add 30 seconds to the fight. These usually only happen towards the back half of the day
  • If you have time, create or update the wiki page for your bot. You can view the pages in the 3lb Category.

Traveling to the event in the COVID era

CT has recently relaxed its travel restrictions. Currently, travel is allowed from all 50 states without quarantine.

The full travel guidelines are posted here. CT Travel Guidelines

COVID Precautions at the event

We will be taking social distancing precautions during this event.

  • You must wear a mask
  • Get vaccinated if you can find an appointment!
  • Get tested before and after you come, if you can
  • Follow the CT Travel Guidelines
  • Both socially distanced indoor pits and outdoor pit space will be available.