Norwalk Havoc Robot League


The Norwalk Havoc Robot League is a Robot Combat Fighting league based in Norwalk, CT. We welcome competitors of all ages an skill sets. Our goal is to produce fun and exciting events that will garner a large internet following. You can help us grow this following by checking us out on Youtube.

Robot Combat Video

Upcoming Events

Date Weight Classes Sign Up Link
July 24th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb Sign Up Here!
September 18th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb Signups Open July 1st at 12:00EST
November 13th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb Coming Soon
December 18th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 30lb FINALS INVITE ONLY

Past Events

Date Weight Classes Live Stream Link
May 15th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb May Stream
March 20th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 30lb March Stream
February 6th 2021 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb February Stream
December 12th 2020 3lb Finals Stream
November 21st 2020 3lb, 12lb (Sportsman) November Stream

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Meet Some of the Competitors

All these bots qualified for the NHRL 2020 finals!

We also maintain historical stats for our bots, if you're interested!