Norwalk Havoc Robot League

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Norwalk Havoc Robot League is a combat robotics league based in Norwalk, CT. We welcome competitors of all ages and skill sets. Our goal is to produce fun and exciting events that will garner a large internet following. You can help us grow this following by checking us out on Youtube.

Upcoming Events

Date Weight Classes Sign Up Link / Notes
March 26th 2022 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb
April 23rd 2022 (rescheduled from February 5th) 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb
May 14th 2022 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb 1st Time / Experimental Only
July 16th 2022 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb 2 Day Event
September 17th 2022 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb
November 12th 2022 3lb, 12lb, 12lb (Sportsman), 30lb
December 17th 2022 3lb, 12lb, 30lb FINALS - INVITE ONLY

See more about our past events here.

Information About NHRL and Robot Combat

NHRL Broadcast Studio in Norwalk

Robot Combat at NHRL

Social Media

  • Our YouTube channels:
    • Norwalk Havoc Robot League - This is our main YouTube channel, with all livestreams, highlighted fights, and additional content, like event recaps. If you want to be notified when one of our livestreams begin, subscribe to this channel!
    • Norwalk Havoc 8 - The Ocho - This is our secondary YouTube channel. Starting with our September event, we are uploading all individual fights here. We will eventually move all our individual fight videos from the main NHRL channel to The Ocho.
  • Discord - There is a large and growing community on our Discord server!
  • Our NHRL Instagram account.
  • Our TikTok account.
  • Our Twitter account.
  • Our 50 Day Street Instagram account.

Weight Classes

Robot Building Resources

Meet Some of the Competitors

3lb Silent X White BG.jpg

Silent X

Polywog White BG.jpg


Voxel White BG.jpg


12lb Hot Leaf Juice White BG.jpg

Hot Leaf Juice

Bobby White BG.jpg


Pramheda White BG.jpg


12lb Sportsman Ramplan White BG.jpg


P12-Jan-2021 White BG.jpg


Axe E Dent White BG.jpg

Axe E Dent

30lb Stop Hitting Yourself White BG.jpg

Stop Hitting Yourself

Megatron White BG.jpg


Yahoo White BG.jpg


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All NHRL Competitors