Event staff

Event Staff Badge

NHRL Staff can be recognized by wearing red staff badges, and/or specialized shirts/uniforms for certain roles. Staff for our events are split into two sections; production, who handle the running of the livestream, cameras, etc. and operations, who handle running the event, maintaining the building and facilities, etc.

Apply to help out at NHRL

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All roles are paid. Our minimum day rate is $300 with some roles closer to $1,000.

Operations Job Descriptions

Interested in helping out at an event? Here are some descriptions of the jobs we have available.

All positions are paid.


Role: Run/mediate fights and make calls based on NHRL league rules


  • Manage all aspects of running bot fights
  • Communicate with the control room to ensure proper event flow
  • Make decisions based on NHRL league rules
  • Serve as an unbiased representative of Havoc Robotics
    • In order to ensure more consistent decisions in our refereeing and judging processes, there would be training associated with this role. It would likely take the form of reading/watching training material, and/or training in-person before the event.
  • The process of loading/unloading bots will now be handled by the cage managers. Once a fight has completed, you would move on to the next fight-ready cage.

Cage Manager

Role: Maintain a cage and ensure it is fight-ready at all times


  • Ensure that your cage is cleaned after each fight
  • Repair damage to cage floors between fights
  • Monitor and maintain proper operation of cage equipment (i.e. check camera alignments, ensure button boxes function, verify screens are working, etc.)
  • Work with the green room to escort ready fights to your cage
  • Walk competitors through the startup process of powering on and moving their bots to their respective corners, to prepare for fights
  • Unload competitors after the completion of a fight
  • Assist in fighting at-cage fires as needed
  • The action of running a match that used to be handled by the cage managers is now instead handled by the referee.
  • The use of PPE when inside a cage is now mandated for all NHRL staff. You will be issued a full-face P100 respirator upon arrival to NHRL, that you must put on before entering a cage.

Brett Driver

Role: Drive the house bot during fights to unstick bots as needed and capture camera angles.


  • Work with the referee to unstick or remove bots that are entangled, disabled, or stuck
  • Act as a robotic camera operator with the house bot's onboard camera
  • Drive to stay out of the way of ongoing fights
  • Move damaged/destroyed bots back to the door at the conclusion of a fight
  • Maintain the house bot(s) through regular maintenance such as swapping batteries, checking for damage, etc.

Facilities Watch

Role: Ensure the orderly and clean state of our general facilities


  • Constantly monitor for consumables that need restocking, trash cans that must be emptied, etc.
  • Answer questions of spectators, competitors, etc.

Pit Watch

Role: Ensure competitors are remaining safe in the pits


  • Perform regular inspections in the pits to ensure competitors are compliant with NHRL rules on battery charging, PPE, and other safety requirements.
  • Assist competitors in the pits as needed with repairs
  • Answer questions from competitors as needed
  • Assist in fire response in the pits if needed

Green Room Attendant

Role: Run the Green Room, to ensure that competitors are present and ready to fight when needed


  • Check In bots are they arrive to the Green Room
  • Monitor the number of ready fights in the Green Room so production is not delayed
  • Track down missing or late bots from the pits
  • Disqualify extremely late bots

Front Desk Check In

Role: Man the front desk, checking in both drivers and spectators as well as acting as a source of information


  • Check in drivers as they arrive
  • Check in spectators who pre-purchased tickets as they arrive
  • Sell door tickets
  • Distribute badges, wrist bands, and other identifying/free items to competitors and spectators as they enter
  • Answer competitor and spectator questions about the facility

Elevator Operator

Role: Operate NHRL's freight elevator, to help competitors get from the pits to the production area


  • Operate the NHRL freight elevator
  • Ensure the elevator is operated in a safe and effective manner
  • Assist drivers with loading and unloading of the elevator

Merch Sales

Role: Run the NHRL merch store


  • Ensure stock levels in the store are sufficient, put out more inventory as needed
  • Process sales of both official NHRL merch and competitor merch

Safety Check In

Role: Run the safety check in. This role only works for a few hours during the event.


  • Ensure bots comply with NHRL safety rules
  • Ensure bots are within their weight limits
  • Make decisions regarding if weapon locks and safeties are sufficient
  • Record pertinent safety information on each bot as it passes safety
  • Hand out safety passes to drivers upon the completion of safety.

Workshop Supervisor

Role: Assist competitors with repair work in the NHRL workshop, ensuring safe and proper use of tools.


  • Oversee competitor usage of NHRL tools and equipment
  • Advise competitors on proper and safe usage of tools and equipment
  • Maintain facility equipment and perform regular usage-based repairs and replacements
  • Assist competitors with the use of specialized tools, such as welding equipment
  • Ensure NHRL tools and equipment are not damaged or stolen from the workshop



NHRL Control Room

Event Staff

  • Head Referee
    • Jim Heaney
  • Cage Managers/Referees
    • Gillian Doolittle
    • James May
    • Josh Panos
    • Matt Ryan
  • Judges
    • Don Doerfler
    • Andrew Rossol
    • Jack Tweedy
      • Judges for events earlier in 2021:
        • Craig Danby
        • Courtney Hollis
        • David Jin
        • Zac O'Donnell
        • Ricky Willems
        • Dominic Yankauskas
  • Competitor Safety Officer
    • Brandon Unger
  • House Bot Operator
    • Connor Howard
  • Event Crew
    • Grace Dertinger
    • Michael Elrod
    • Will Merges
    • Brahm Soltes