Lukebot is a minibot that has appeared with Spartan at November 13th 2021, and it's driven by teammate James Geffner from Spartan.

Robot Facts

lukebot lives with Luke now
Lukebot V1 pictured on top, Bottom is broken Lukebot on announcers table

Lukebot was made by Hexbug (beta) and Johnny Tsoumpas from Spartan. Picture of Luke was printed by Ethan Shipley from Hot Poke, Copy/Paste, and Sorry!

Builder Hexbug/Ethan Shipley/Johnny Tsoumpas
Driver James Geffner
Weight Class 3lb Minibot
Body Material Hexbug beta
Weapon Hammer
Weapon Drive N10 motor
Drive N10 motors
Power 3 AAA batteries

Select Fights

Featured in Spartan vs Project Liftoff

grude match against 3lb Anger Management

drag race with minitaur