Pre-event Schedule


Here's our schedule for the days leading up to the event. Assume that "Saturday" is the day of the event (or the first day of the event, assuming a 2-day event).

  • Friday:
    • 12 pm: Doors open for competitors. Competitors may select and set up pit tables, use our facilities, and start working on their bots. Note that the workshop may take an hour or two to open.
    • 5 pm: Safety opens.
    • 6 pm: Free pizza for competitors and crew! It'll be in the spectator area, next to the workshop.
    • 10 pm: The facility closes to competitors, including safety. All competitors must leave.
  • Saturday:
    • 8 am: Doors open for competitors. Safety opens. Photo booths open. Free coffee and breakfast will be available to all competitors. Please remember to take a photo of your bot at the photo booth with our equipment!
    • 9 am: Our in-person builder meeting begins in the pit area. All builders are required to attend!
    • 9:30 am: Safety closes. Builders can begin queueing for fights. (Note that we may keep safety open longer, as we did in previous events. But we will not make that decision until later. For now, assume that safety will close at 9:30.)
    • 10 am: Fighting begins!
    • 12 pm: Lunch pre-orders are delivered to the Fight Desk in the second floor pits.
    • 6 pm: Dinner pre-orders are delivered to the Fight Desk in the second floor pits.

All bots must pass safety by 9:30 am on Saturday, regardless of when their first scheduled or actual fight is. If you need a safety inspection after 9:30 am, it is up to us to grant it. We cannot guarantee that. If you get in line for safety at 9:25 am and the line is long, you are risking forfeiting at least your first match. If you fail safety at 9:29 am, we cannot guarantee that you will get a follow-up inspection; you are risking not fighting at all.