Quicksand 2


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Quicksand 2 is a 3lb 4WD robot armed with a servo-powered lifter that features a multiple attachments to counter different types of opponents. The powerful servo also allows Quicksand 2 to reliably self-right. Quicksand 2's was designed by Adam Hamilton of Team Immersion, however it had had several upgrades from the initial design, such as the addition of a long fork lifter module, and reinforcement to the lifter bulkheads through a shored up print and a titanium plate as a backup. Quicksand 2 is designed to look like an Egyptian crocodile, and can be seen with thematic decorations such as crocodile eyes, a pyramid, and a palm tree.

The original Quicksand was an augmented Trilobite kit, similar in shape and theming, however it had no active weapon, so couldn't compete at NHRL.

Builder Ian Miller
Driver Ian MIller
Weight Class 3lb
Body Material 3d Printed Nylon, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber
Weapon Lifter
Weapon Drive 35kg Servo with 2:3 gear reduction
Drive 4 x Dartbox Motors
Power 3S LiPo Battery



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