Radio fail safe


A Radio failsafe test ensure that your robot will enter a safe state should it's radio communication be disrupted. It's important to know that at any point in time your robot can be rendered safe by turning off your transmitter.

How Failsafe Testing is conducted at NHRL

  • Radio powered on first, then robot will be powered on
  • Competitor will be asked to show motion and demonstrate their active weapon
  • The competitor will be asked to turn their radio off
  • The robot should then stop all linear motion and the weapon should begin spinning down
  • The weapon should come to a complete stop within 60 seconds of the radio being powered off


  • Practice the failsafe test before the event at home
  • If you run into issues check your ESC's programming or the settings on your radio
  • Advanced radios like FrSky and Spektrum tend to have highly programmable failsafe settings